Goodbye to you. This is my last blog post. A new chapter is starting, so this blog will stay in my past, the past where my thoughts were still forming and I was still learning (which will continue, but differently). So goodbye and live gently.


Thankful For Those I’ll Never Know

Most people are thankful for their families and friends, how could they not be? These are the people that travel alongside us through the bad and the good. Life is nothing if we lack these special types of connections. Nevertheless, many of the most influential people in the world, sometimes even in our lives, will …

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L’Obscurite (Poem, translation provided)

Written originally in French: Les murs ne disaient pas les secrets. Les cris n’entendaient jamais. La porte n'ouvrait jamais. Tout seul, je me suis senti la peine.   Personne n’a connu. L'obscurité a consolé moi. Obscurité, ma seulement amie. English Translation: The walls tell no secrets The cries are never heard The door is never …

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